National Assembly Member Ayesha Gulalai quits PTI amid scathing allegations against Imran Khan

National Assembly Member Ayesha Gulalai quits PTI amid scathing allegations against Imran Khan

Pakistan National assembly member Ayesha Gulalai announced her exit from the party amid a flurry of scathing allegations against party chairman Imran Khan and other top party members.

According to Ayesha:
“Women workers are not respected in the party (PTI) and a respectable woman worker cannot remain in the party,”

“As far as allegations that she was restrained from addressing a convention on Monday are concerned, we had limited the speakers. Khan also asked me to address it, but I put Yasmeen Rashid forward. We were not able to provide all aspiring speakers to provide with an opportunity to do so,” she explained.

However, she said Mazari has “always had issues”… “whenever I have spoken up about foreign policy in the National Assembly… Perhaps she thinks only she retains the right to speak about foreign policy.”

“Today people are joining the PTI and I am leaving it, so obviously something has happened that has caused me to leave the party,” she said.

“Before the PTI, I was a member of the Pakistan Peoples Party. When I came into the PTI, I encountered a very different environment,” she said.

“When I was in the PPP… Benazir Bhutto gave me two party tickets for the member of national assembly and for the member of provencial assembly. I was very young at the time, and she gave me the tickets on the basis of talent and potential. But their [the PTI’s] criteria for tickets is “something else”.

“Maybe I am incapable of fulfilling this criteria,” she added.

“I was shocked,” she continued. “I saw many of their [PTI members’] misdeeds. One of them is that they send inappropriate text messages. They dishonour respectable women. The respect of women is not intact at the hands of Imran Khan and the men around him,” she alleged.

When asked about the content of the messages, she replied, “No one with any honour will be able to stomach the sort of language used.”

“He [Khan] tells women to keep BlackBerry phones so that messages are not traced. Check his BlackBerry,” she alleged. “Check the messages from him… The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority can release the record.”

“Maybe they think Pakistan is England. At this age, you [Khan] have not been able to reform your habits, maybe you do not have control over your behaviour,” she added.

“They said I was going to join the PML-N. I am not going to join that party,” she clarified. “I will say only that you could make all sorts of allegations against Nawaz Sharif, but he will never


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