The ‘mermaid’ ingredient that makes food pop in photos might actually be good for you

If you‘re over the unicorn food (popular thing/general way things are going), there‘s a newimaginary creature that‘s motivating/bringing about people‘s eating habits: mermaids.

Starbucks came out with a mermaid frappuccino earlier this month, and the (popular thing/general way things are going) is gaining traction on both Pinterest and Instagram.

What’s most interesting about this (looks good in pictures) food craze is that the key ingredientbehind it may actually be healthy. Most mermaid recipes have spirulina to thank for their brightblue or green shade.

(in a mistaken way) labeled asuperfoodby some, spirulina is made from blue-green (seaweed, etc.) that‘s found in both salt water and fresh water, which has been dried and turned into a deepgreen powder.

Although there isn‘t any scientific (event(s) or object(s) that prove something) for its healthbenefits just yet, the powder has been used for everything from healing wounds to improvingdigestion. It‘s a good source of protein, iron, and B vitamins, and can be found at health foodstores. Pricing differs/changes, but starts around $10 per pound.

Other types of seaweed that some people have been eating for years also seem to be poppinginto the food trend world/area/ball, with everything from nori snacks to seaweed that ‘tastes likebaconand is healthier than kale making an appearance.

People seem to mostly be using spirulina to make smoothies, both in glass and bowl form. Itdefinitely makes for some colorful and exciting colors


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